Link to Melody BEdT ID Troubadour Attribution in Manuscript Incipit in Manuscriptsort descending Melody Source Genre Number of Phrases
461012 461,012 Anonymous none A l'entrada del tens clar X 082v balada 08
461013 461,013 Anonymous none A lentrada del tans florit W 191r-v canso 07
461,020a 461,020a Anonymous none Amore mart con fuoc am flama W 187v dansa 12
461,020b 461,020b Anonymous none Amore, merce no sia no ti abandonasses SJA 1v canso 04
461,027b 461,027b Anonymous none Ara lausetz, lauset, lauser li comandamen SJA 1v dansa 06
461037 461,037 Anonymous none Bella domna cara W 117r-v descort 04 strophes
461092 461,092 Anonymous none Donna pos vos ay chausida W 001v cobla 12
461102 461,102 Anonymous none Ensement com la panthere W 199v canso (fragment) 12
461009 461,009 Anonymous none Ensi com eu sab mar W 196r-v canso (fragment) 10
461122W 461,122 Anonymous none Finament W 213v-214v lai 11 strophes
461122delta 461,122 Anonymous none Finament ? Jauent delta 074r-75v lai 11* strophes (3* extant)
461124W 461,124 Anonymous none Gent me nais W 212r-213v lai 14 strophes
461124delta 461,124 Anonymous none Gent me nais liant delta 072r-73v lai 14 strophes
461146 461,146 Anonymous none Laltrier cuidai aber druda W 199r-199v sirventes 24
461148 461,148 = RS 0935 Anonymous none Lautrier miere levaz X 91v pastorella 13
461152 461,152 Anonymous none Leu premer ior que vi W 201r canso (fragment) 12
461192a 461,192a Anonymous Anonymous Per vos m'esjau domna del firmament La Val 151v canso (religious) 06
461197 461,197 Anonymous Anonymous Poc ve gent que l'iverns s'irais W 190r canso 07
461196 461,196 Anonymous none Pos quieu vey la fuella W 001v dansa 12
461,206a 461,206a Anonymous none Quar nueg e jorn trist soi et esbahit Cividale del Friuli, Archivio Capoitolare, 1484 planh 08
UnA Chigi 72 461,215b? Anonymous none Rei glorios, sener, per que hanc nasqiel Chig 072r-v [075r-v] planh 05
461,215c 461,215c Anonymous none S'anc vos amei SJA 1v dansa 06* (5* extant)
461067a 461,067a Anonymous none Sill ques caps e guitz W 185v-186r descort 02 strophes + 1 tornada
461230 461,230 Anonymous none Tant es gay ce aument W 078v dansa (fragment) 12
461150 461,150 Anonymous none [excised area] [Lo douc chants] que lauzel cride W 203v cobla 08
461,251b 461,251b Anonymous none […] p[re]g qe m'a[metz] SJA 2r canso or dansa (fragment) ?* (2* extant)