Link to Melody BEdT IDsort ascending Troubadour Attribution in Manuscript Incipit in Manuscript Melody Source Genre Number of Phrases
366033 366,033 Peirol Peirol Tot mon engieng emo saber G 047v canso 08
366031 366,031 Peirol Peirol Si be(n) sui loi(n)g (et) entre ge(n) estrag(na) G 050r-050v canso 07
366029 366,029 Peirol Peirol Qan amors trobet partit G 048v-049r tenso (fictitious) 09
366026 366,026 Peirol Peirol Perdan qe damor mauegna G 046r canso 08
366022 366,022 Peirol Peirol Nulz hom nosaucit ta(n) gen G 049v-050r canso 08
366021 366,021 Peirol Peirol Molt me(n)tremis de chantar./uolu(n)ters G 045r canso 07
366020 366,020 Peirol Peirol Mentensio ay toten un uers meza R 088v [R 89v] canso 08
366019 366,019 Peirol Peire Vidal Manta ien me mal razona R 047r canso 08
366015 366,015 Peirol Peirol Ab ioi qim demora G 048r canso 12
366014 366,014 Peirol Peirol Dun sonet uau pe(n)san G 043v-044r canso 08
366013 366,013 Peirol Peirol Dun bon uers d(e)i pe(n)sar. (con)lo fe/zes G 043r canso 07
366012X 366,012 Peirol none De son tort ferai emende X 088v canso 07
366012G 366,012 Peirol Peirol Del seu tort farai esmenda G 049v canso 07
366011 366,011 Peirol Peirol Deissa larazon qeu soill G 044r canso 08
366009R 366,009 Peirol Peirol Cora q(ue) mi fes doler R 087v [R 88v] canso 08
366009G 366,009 Peirol Peirol Coras qem fezes doler G 045v canso 08
366006 366,006 Peirol Peirol Caniat ma mo(n) co(n)ssirer G 046v canso 09
366003 366,003 Peirol Peirol Ben dei chantar pos amor mo/ensegna G 048v canso 06
366002 366,002 Peirol Peirol Atressi col signes fay R 088r [R 89r] canso 08