The number of extant melodies by troubadours often differs in scholarship because of differences in what manuscripts are included, the date of the study, genres excluded, or other factors. For reasons of clarity, several tables are included in the Resources section of this site showing the number of melodies according to troubadour, manuscript, BEdT/PC catalog number, and genre (based on their classification in the BEdT).

Not all of the troubadour songs have an assigned catalog number in the PC or BEdT. In such cases, I have marked the songs with an identifying number based on the manuscript text sigla as appear in the BEdT. Each of these numbers begins with UnA (Unassigned), marking the song as one without an assigned number in either the PC or BEdT listing. (For example, UnA VeAg0021 is a song without a catalog number that has the text sigla VeAg_0021 in the BEdT).