This site contains transcriptions for the extant troubadour melodies. Each melody appears as it is found in its manuscript, including all of the melodies for each text. The database will be fully searchable for notes, note patterns, and will also allow searches by contour on the Melody Search page. You may also search by genre, catalog number, and troubadour in the main search block on the right side of each page. Melodies can also be browsed under the Melodies tab in sortable tables listed by catalog number, genre, manuscript, troubadour, and either the song's standardized incipit or the incipit as it appears in the manuscript. Catalog numbers on this site correspond to those in the Bibliografia Elettronica dei Trovatori (BEdT), based on the Pillet-Carstens (PC) catalog numbers. There are currently 341 melodies included in the database comprising the main corpus of secular works as well as some others not always counted in the repertoire for reasons of non-Occitan linguistic influence, musical form, etc. I will be adding melodies for Occitan sacred works as well, including the remainder of the melodies found in the Tragedy of St. Agnes (the three linked to troubadour song are already included in the database).

The melodies are encoded using Volpiano font, Version 5.01 (November 2014) as designed by David Hiley and his collaborators. More information on this font can be found here. An explanation of that font's application here can be found on the About page. The Melody Search Tool is that designed by Jan Koláček for his Global Chant Database project as well as the CANTUS Index.The Melody Search Tool section of the database is now operational; the Search by Melody Characteristics page allows you to search by first and/or last note and by number of phrases. It now also allows for searches by Lowest and Highest Pitch, by the Range as an interval, or to search for melodies by the troubadour generation to which the author as been assigned.

For tips for using the general searches found in the right sidebar, see the "About" page.

This project is a component of my dissertation, "Digital Approaches to Troubadour Song." If you have any comments or questions about the database, please email me.