Characteristics of the Troubadour Melodies

The table of reference characteristics represents the output of the analysis of the melodies encoded in the database by the Melody Analysis Tool made for this project. It provides the following information about the melodies in this database:

• First
• Last
• Highest
• Lowest
• Range as Pitches (in Volpiano)
• Boundary notes (first, lowest, highest and last on staff with treble clef, in Volpiano)
• Cadential Pitches (last 3)
• Total number of pitches in melody
• Count of each pitch in each melody
• List of all unique pitches in each melody
• Three most frequently appearing pitches
• Version of melody with pitches/neumes separated by white space instead of hyphens
• Melody as string of pitches with phrases marked

• First interval
• First two intervals
• Last Interval
• Cadential Intervals (last 3)
• Range as Interval (number)
• Range as Interval (interval number with quality)
• Range Above Final
• Range Below Final
• Interval profile (with quality and direction of each interval)
• List of each unique interval in melody
• Total number of intervals in each melody
• Total of each interval per melody (divided by quality and direction)
• Melodies as directional strings (ascending or descending motion)

• Total number of neumes in melody
• Count of each neume-length per melody (by number of pitches per neume)
• Average number of pitches per neume
• Melody as a string of neume lengths in melody order

The file can be downloaded as a .csv file here (file is best viewed as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel): Distribution_ReferenceChar.csv